Austbore completed its additional workshop in late 2004. The main reason for the expansion was to cater for the installation of the Union Floor Borer. This machine was imported from Bristol, UK. It has a 9.5 metre x-axis travel and a vertical travel of 2.5 metres and can take unlimited weight. Since its installation it has been retrofitted with CNC control on four axes. This is one of only two such machines north of Brisbane. The workshop is equipped with 20 tonne and 10 tonne overhead cranes enabling a 30tonne job to be put on the machine. Inside the shed we have an array of apparatuses which include the following:

Hamai CNC Bedmill:

  • A new addition to the Austbore workshop, the new Hamai CNC Bedmill has just been installed. This piece of equipment brings greater scope and accuracy in milling, drilling and tapping. It is further enhanced with a fourth Axis CNC Rotary Table capable of precise positioning (e.g. Spline and Gear Cutting).

Kiheung Machine:

  • A new Kiheung Milling Machine has been purchased to guarantee the best job possible. This machine has 2 meters of X travel and it can take 4,000kg on the table. It also has point-to-point control making it semi-automatic and machining up to 4 tonnes on the table is now possible for the larger jobs.

We are fully equipped for all type of borings:

  • Stanko Vertical Boring Machine will accept 1,650mm diameter x 1,000mm high. With its side table installed it will machine bore inside and outside simultaneously.
  • Daewoo 130mm Spindle Horizontal Boring Machine with a capacity of 9 tonnes on the table.
  • Scharmann 130mm Spindle Horizontal Boring Machine retrofitted with UF drives. 2 meters travel.
  • Scharmann 100mm Spindle Horizontal Borer 6 tonne on the table.

And a number of computer controlled lathes:

  • European F.A.T. Wroclaw 3,000mm between centres and 630mm over the bed.
  • English Harrison Alpha Lathe 1,500mm between centres and 400mm over the bed.
  • Okuma CNC LB25 Lathe will produce repetitive smaller work giving Austbore customers the advantage.

Sheiss CNC Controlled Vertical Borer:

  • 2,200mm swing + 1,600mm under the tool with two computer-controlled rams.

Mori Seiki LA7:

  • We’ve also got the ultimate 1,000mm swing x 4,000mm centres CNC Controlled Lathe for heavy duty work.



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