Austbore started off as a small commercial workshop run by Michael Botto and his wife Kim in 1986. After five years Michael recognised the need for a mobile machining operation to compete in the mining industry and purchased the company’s first on-site unit. It was during this time that Austbore was born. As business started to increase two more units were added including a lathe and milling machine to produce tooling for on-site machines. Once customers realised that Austbore serviced workshop facilities and on-site calls, the work flowed in at a constant rate and within two years the company employed 12 full-time employees.

Today the company has six mobile machining rigs which are fully refurbishing machinery at Paget and boasts 35 full-time tradesmen.

On April 2007 Austbore became part of the Austin Engineering Group, a leading supplier of mining equipment and repair services as well as steel fabrication products in Australia.



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