Strengthening our overseas relationships is always on our list of priorities and recently Austbore signed a two-year contract with Freeport - the largest copper and gold mining company in Indonesia - to provide Dozer Undercarriage Overhauls in its Mackay factory and an 18-month contract to provide Shovel Refurbishment on-site.

Closer to home Austbore has just installed a "Cadam" programming package which enables us to write CNC programs and download the information directly to the required machine. This improves the programming time and allows for jobs to be alternated between machines. All programs are held in a directory for future use. Currently, Austbore has five machines hooked into this system.

At Austbore we pride ourselves on confidence and we guarantee the best quality service, delivered in the shortest amount of time. We are constantly thinking about the future and how we can improve our business and our service which is why we recently secured a further 2,000m² of land adjacent to our Paget facility with expectations for a healthy future for our industry in the region.



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