Shop Services

The Boring Shed:

  • This new addition completed in late 2004 now houses the entire horizontal, floor boring and in-house line boring equipment. We have configured it this way so similar types of work can be carried out in one place. The facility has been equipped with a 20 tonne overhead crane and another 10 tonne overhead crane is currently being commissioned.
  • The original workshop has been reconfigured for more room and better safety.
    The welding section has doubled its floor space.

Vertical and Horizontal Boring:

  • Vertical boring to components up to 2,200mm diameter and 1,600mm high.
  • Horizontal boring components up 9 tonne on the table.

Lathe Work:

  • You can expect speed and precision on your work since Austbore invested in computer-controlled lathes and the best machinists in the business. We have a variety of lathes to ensure your job will be processed in the minimum time to your exact specifications.

Heavy Equipment Reclamation:

  • Save on major component replacement by having them refurbished using Austbore's various specialist services to save you money on heavy equipment parts.
  • Includes Metal Spraying - ceramics, plastics, bronze and stainless steel.
  • Reclaim Shop now has two sub-arc booms and four welding positions up to 10 tonne.
  • Four Internal Bore Welding Machines are also available in this section.

Sub-Arc Welding:

  • Two Sub-Arc machines have increased the capacity to reclaim idler wheels, load rollers, etc, to their original condition.



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